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Why Protest Comcast?

On Wednesday May 15, 2013, several dozen activists came to center city Philadelphia to protest the shareholders' meeting of Comcast at the Kimmel Center. The reasons varied from person to person. Most were upset that the CEO was a big supporter of Obama, but an even bigger reason was Comcast's ownership of MSNBC. Anastasia

MSNBC has a long history of support for liberal ideology and against conservative causes. This summer, the news station even adopted the president's campaign slogan "Forward." Not only is it alarming that a news network would adopt a president's campaign slogan, but the term "forward" as a political slogan has known roots in communism. With political talking heads such as Rachel Maddow and The Ed Show, there is no question that the station is anything but balanced and leans heavily liberal.

What I found most appalling and especially creepy was Melissa Harris-Perry's Promo "Our Children Are Not Our Private Property." Recently, Melissa Harris-Perry said she would not back down. This was my final straw. I have three kids and they are not the property of the state. I was so glad when I learned that FreedomWorks was organizing a protest of Comcast. I brought two of my children down to the protest with a sign that read "I belong to my family."

As a movement we are getting attacked from all sides. We must not give up. We must continue to call out the Administration, the IRS, the Justice Department, the Media, the use of drones, the Nanny Bloomberg, the wire tapping, Benghazi, any other government cover-ups, plus the out of control government spending. If we aren't forever vigilant, our civil liberties will be lost forever.

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stone stone

Oh boy. Here we go again with another claim of " Its the liberal media!" Well, I'm sorry, but some of the largest media conglomerates in the world are in fact owned by conservative CEOs and if one wants to go on and on about "Liberal media", well there's also a HUGE amount of conservative media, with some elements of it strictly conservative and often intentionally misleading and not even really news.