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Why is there a GOP enthusiasm gap this election cycle?

FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe was on America's Forum on Newsmax discussing the enthusiasm gap this election cycle.

Al Battista's picture
Al Battista

Too the hard heads that disagree remember we couldn't stop ObummerScare, or anything else the demonRATs wanted even after we won the House in 2010. However we stopped Bush on immigration, Dubai Ports and several other issues. We Need every seat in the SENATE!

Al Battista's picture
Al Battista

Any Republican that willingly sits out so a demonRAT can win is not only selling out his country, he is either very ignorant or stupid! The 5,000,000 million that sat out of the Romney vote need to be ferreted out and tried for treason! Yes! The establishment Republicans stink almost as bad as the demonRATs- but this is a matter of military strategy, and we need the force of numbers! We can force the establish to do the right thing (unlike our inability to force the Rats) but first we need to take the Senate and increase our numbers in the House!