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Issue Analysis

Would you send your money to a failed bank?


School Choice Observance approaching Jan 23-Jan 29 2011

Public Schools in Los Angeles are failing, in fact 250 to be exact have already failed, 250 public schools in one state!  That’s an amazing number; imagine if your child was forced to attend one of those plagued 250?  Imagine if you were tied to a failing school simply because you purchased a home in a certain zip code before you had children or when your children were very young? 

We tend not to think about our freedom to provide the best possible education for our children until this freedom is taken away, and one is forced to send their child to a failed school,  one filled with violence and incompetent teachers.  We wouldn’t allow our federal or state government to force us to deposit our money in a failing bank; we would, with absolute urgency remove our money and go elsewhere, and if there was nowhere to go we would keep it at home; even if we were threatened; we would just simply refuse to be forced to do such a ridiculous thing. 

Why then do we allow our state and federal governments to force us to send our children to failing schools?  If you cannot answer that question, take the opportunity in late Jan to read up on school choice, donate to the cause, or even attend a school choice event in your area.  Go to this website for more information: