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YAL Iowa: Liberty Is On The Rise


Last weekend, Matt Kibbe and I attended the Young Americans for Liberty State Convention in Iowa.

Here’s what you missed:

  • Over 200 liberty activists showed up from Iowa and every surrounding state including Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri and South Dakota – and even activists from as far away as Indiana.

  • Of the activists Matt and I spoke to, Justice Reform, and related issues were consistently a high priority for them.

  • Iowa, bizarrely, is littered with red light and speed cameras. Multiple activists at the conference asked if FreedomWorks could help them work to rid Iowa of these nanny-state cameras. Stay tuned!

  • Matt’s speech about how he got involved with the liberty movement – and where we go from here – was a huge hit. Making freedom work in Iowa, as it turns out, isn’t a hard sell.

YAL Iowa is one of 12 state conventions that are taking place this spring. FreedomWorks is sponsoring each of them to make sure we’re doing our part to help train and equip liberty minded activists around the country with the tools necessary to protect our civil liberties and fight government overreach.

Make sure to check and see if there’s an upcoming YAL conference near you.