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You better watch out


You better not pout....'cause Card Check's coming to town.

The big news last night was President-Elect Obama's pick of Rep. Hilda Solis to head the Labor Department.  Politico has a good write-up here.   Her dyed in the wool Labor credentials and past voting history leave no doubt that she'll be behind Obama's Card Check agenda in a big way, paying off their union supporters.

Rep. Solis has earned an "F" every year since 2001 on the National Taxpayer's Union's scorecard.  And a dismal "5" on our Economic Freedom Scorecard last year.

But on the bright side, the Rev. Al Sharpton has come out boldly against Card Check legislation.  He clearly understands the risk of coercion both on the part of the union and the employers, and the need to protect workers' privacy.

The other big story, today, is that Pres. Bush is going to go ahead and tap TARP funds for Chrysler and GM (regardless of the fact that strictly speaking these aren't financial institutions as intended by the original legislation...but at this point, who's counting?).  So regardless of the fact that the grassroots have spoken, and effectively stopped the Detroit bailout last week, Bush knows better and is going to go for it anyway.  My favorite phrase I've seen over and over defending this is the fact that these "bridge loans" are to be used to facilitate an "organized bankruptcy."  As opposed to a disorganized one.  As opposed to Chapter 11, which is, in essence, organized bankruptcy and the entire point of Chapt. 11.

And, over at Cato, Chris Edwards addresses the state stimulus plan with a well-written Top Ten Reasons to Oppose a Stimulus Package for the States. Number One?  The Federal Government is Broke.

Up on the Hill, they're looking for a few good economists who oppose "stimulus spending."  If you happen to know or be one, please offer your thoughts.