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You Did It!

Originally Published in FreedomWorks For America on 11/6/14.

Harry Reid was fired – he will no longer be the Senate Majority Leader. Because of you, we were able to flip enough seats to take the Senate. And, we were able to fire at least three Democrats in Arkansas, Colorado, and North Carolina.

And because of you, the Freedom Caucus grew in the House. Bruce Poliquin, Rod Blum, Mia Love, Ken Buck, and Alex Mooney will be joining Thomas Massie, Tom McClintock, Justin Amash, and others in Congress.

You made DC listen. Thank you so much for your hard work and support. Last night we won the first round. Today, the fight continues as we start pushing a positive agenda that will show every American why freedom works. Thank you so much.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe


stonestone's picture
stone stone

More appropriately, "they" did it. Who might you ask? Those who spent a combined record of over 4 BILLION dollars on this midterm election. That's right, "billion" with a "B". That goes for both parties but in particular the many financial interests who spent money simply for their own financial gain. For those who thought voting in more Republicans to the Senate and Congress would somehow "bring back" a more conservative country that ain't gunna' happen. History marches on.

What HAS happened is that the money spent on this election has already made the billionaires and various financial concerns whom mostly funded it more wealthy. A quick glance at energy ( coal, oil, refining, and other related industries) stocks are all up and in a big way, making a nice profit for those aforementioned "investors". The money they spent on this election was a tiny fraction of the profits already realized as a result. So if anything, this election shows that the more money spent, the greater the financial reward. So expect more and more money to flood the political system thanks in part to citizen's United.

As far as the actual election, historically more conservative, older voters show up and call the shots. That's precisely what happened here so not exactly a stunning surprise. But this still doesn't make up for the serious problems the GOP still has which is that while those older voters helped them in this midterm, typically younger voters show up for presedential elections. The GOP base is shrinking more and more as time goes on and seeing as how the GOP doesn't have any appealing contenders for the upcoming 2016 elections its pretty likely they will lose again and for same reasons as they did in 2008 and 2012: they lack appeal to the growing majority of Americans.

If anything this midterm probably benefits Democrats more than they know. The GOP will assume that they can simply stay the course, continue on with an increasingly conservative agenda and in turn prove that they aren't capable of running the country. I'm not the only one who knows this. Even Rand Paul said that basically the GOP brand is broken and for the same reasons as mentioned many times: they are not appealing to minorities or immigrant groups at all. The GOP will not win any further Presidential elections until that image is changed.

While untold billions were spent on this midterm all the money in the world can't buy the pen the current President holds in his hand. The GOP can waste all the time they want trying to repeal healthcare and whatever but at the end of the day that's not going to happen. The show is now the GOP's and we are now watching.

In closing the single biggest problem in US politics isn't taxes, or big government, the GOP or the Democratic parties. The problem is money and money being used in our political system. Its time for Americans to realize that whether liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, rich or poor that this country belongs to them and them alone. Its time to get money OUT of politics and sooner than later.

Morlocke's picture

That is a typical straw-man argument used frequently by leftist lemmings such as yourself. Limited government does not mean no government.

Government's proper role is establishing and maintaining an orderly society. That means fairly enforcing the same rules for everyone, not handing out benefits to some at the cost of others. When government accumulates power and uses it to redistribute resources, such as the PPACA does, then people are naturally going to lobby that government to obtain those benefits or exemptions (such as all of the Obamacare waivers).

Money has and will always be used to influence politics. You say that "all the money in the world can't buy the pen the current President holds in his hand." I say it already has. Insurance companies, public sector unions, green energy companies and other political cronies have all been generously rewarded with taxpayer funding for their financial support of this administration. Just look at how much time Obama spends attending fundraisers and compare it to how frequently he attends national security briefings to see where his priorities lie.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Response for Matlock:
What you mentioned is more or less the reaction to money being used to influence politics. Now if what you are saying is that government shouldn't be in charge of financial concerns regarding the running of the country then not doing so would mean there would actually be no government. So that's not a real possibility. That's something that even YOU should understand...

Morlocke's picture

Simple question for ya, Stoney: Would there still be billions spent on campaigns and lobbying if the government didn't have trillions of dollars to hand out as rewards? You want money out of politics? Then take money away from politicians' control. Its such a simple concept that even YOU should be able to understand it.