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"Your Child, Your Choice" with Sherry Street, VP of Policy at ALEC | Women Win 2020

Sarah Anderson and Sherry Street took the stage at FreedomWorks' Women Win 2020 conference to talk about school choice and how educational freedom empowers women and their families to help children succeed.

Sherry Street is the Vice President of Policy Advancement at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a nonpartisan organization focused free enterprise and individual liberty in the states. Street previously served the Illinois Policy Institute as an external relations officer after having been involved in education reform for 20 years. In the policy arena she served as an education policy analyst for former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist, where she helped expand Milwaukee’s school choice program to include religious schools.

Sarah Anderson is the Director of Policy at FreedomWorks. She researches and writes about federal and state legislation, develops limited government policy solutions, advances FreedomWorks’ policy priorities by working both on Capitol Hill and with allied groups, and represents FreedomWorks' interests in various publications as well as at events across the country.