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Your Health: Obama-Biden and Government Unions

Democracy and Power 114

What is the detriment of the American public?  The fact that the federal government is controlled by predatory special-interest groups and complicit politicians.  Special-interest groups give enormous campaign contributions to politicians, and, in return, special-interest groups receive gigantic benefits.  The political machinations making ObamaCare are immoral examples of predatory special-interest groups (government employee unions) and complicit politicians (the Obama-Biden Administration) at work.

Your Health:  Obama-Biden and Government Unions

It is well-known that government unions are a major force in funding and promoting the Democratic party.  The political and monetary power of the government unions -  SEIU and AFSCME - was crucial in passing ObamaCare.  Of course, in exchange for their ObamaCare endorsement, the unions receive a major benefit.  What is this gigantic benefit?  The ability to enroll 21 million additional government-union members, which could potentially bring in  billions of dollars in union dues, which translates into more political contributions and continued predatory governance.

 The Daily Caller cites a book by Mallory Factor of the Citadel, ”Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind.”  Just after the 2008 elections, SEIU and AFSCME presented a plan to the Obama-Biden transition team in support of universal healthcare and to increase union members.  As reported byThe Daily Caller:

That memo outlined a legislative proposal calling for “increasing the capacity of the health care workforce” as part of a larger health care reform initiative.

What did the President Obama and Vice President Biden get in return?  Government unions spent millions of dollars promoting ObamaCare.

Again, The Daily Caller:

The SEIU and the Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Factor writes, later coordinated with other public-sector unions to spend “literally hundreds of millions of dollars promoting Obamacare.”

So, ObamaCare is forced upon the American people.  Obama and Biden get their legacy.  (Remember Biden’s, “ Big … deal.”)  And, the unions become even more powerful.

Of course, the complicit partnership between Obama-Biden and the unions continues.  For example, there were waivers exempting employers from ObamaCare’s mandatory insurance provisions.  Most of the substantial exemptions were given to... unions.  Again, The Daily Caller:

Ultimately, the Obama administration granted Obamacare waivers to 1,231 employers, making them exempt from the law’s requirements for at least 30 months. Those waivers cover 613,625 employees overall, of which 88.6 percent are represented by unions and just 11.4 percent work for private employers.

ObamaCare was immorally conceived and implemented.  Resultantly, the law is a hodgepodge of SOPs to special-interest predators .  Today, ObamaCare serves those special-interests.  Horrifically, ObamaCare and government bureaucrats have the ability to control almost every American’s health choices and decisions.  ObamaCare must be repealed.

The complicit partnership between Obama-Biden and the government unions is only one example of many more corrupt relationships with drug makers, insurance companies, the AARP and others.  These immoral “deals” are inflicting great harm on most Americans.   As the cost of medical services continues to increase, the complicit partners profit.

America’s health care system was and still is in great need of repair.  ObamaCare destroys choices for Americans and enriches special-interest groups.

ObamaCare must be repealed.  Patient-centered care, where the interest of each American comes before predators and complicit politicians, is what America's healthcare system needs to be.