FreedomWorks Live: How to Beat ObamaCare, Part I: ObamaCare Goes to Court: Issues and a Prediction

“This will be the biggest case in 50 years. The stakes could not be higher.”

Today my friend and colleague Max Pappas and I took out half an hour to stop and educate activists around the country and answer their questions about the historic ObamaCare lawsuit.

In the talk, we discuss FreedomWorks’ efforts to overturn ObamaCare and replace it with a patient-centered system, and we note the friend-of-the-court legal brief we filed in the case.

Do you care about the future of freedom?

If you do, please, drop what you’re doing, shut your door, pour yourself a favorite beverage, and watch Max and me describe the case and hear out our predictions for how we think it will play out. 

This is the first of a two-part series. The second broadcast will take place on June 9th.

We can’t stress enough how important this case is — and this issue. 

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FreedomWorks’ “How to Beat Obamacare” Livestream Video Broadcast Series

Part I (5/10/12):

Part II (6/09/12):

Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks’ Legislative Counsel and Vice President, Health Care Policy. 


FreedomWorks to Cover Supreme Court Health Care Decision Live

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