Dear PA Legislator: I WANT TABOR

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights or TABOR is a pretty straight-forward proposal being pushed through the State Legislature. It will ensure the government grows at a reasonable level by allowing growth at the rate of a population increase plus inflation. Currently state governments are spending exurbanite amounts, and kowtowing to special interests (or those groups not in the best interest of the state).

Legislators, heeding the message from this past election, have taken steps towards reigning in this spending, by supporting S.B. 4, S.B. 884, H.B. 2067 and H.B. 2082. An emboldened fiscally conservative legislature spells trouble for the usual suspects; the AFL-CIO has launched two separate "Dear Legislator" letter campaigns within the last month. TABOR attack ads can also be heard on the radio. It is important to understand the sources of this barrage are groups fearful about losing the wasteful spending they have depended upon annually. The Governor of Colorado where TABOR spending limitations have been in place since 1992 has endorsed TABOR for PA. Those claiming the sky will fall if we attempt to live with our means are mistaken, let us take a stand and make sure our legislators know that we support TABOR and the fiscal stability it will guarantee.