Democrats Pledge New Global Wealth Redistribution Scheme Through Climate Change Treaty

The newly adopted Democratic National Party Platform includes a plank in which the redistribution of wealth from countries who fail to meet climate change commitments, to developing countries likely to be harmed by greenhouse gas emissions, becomes a likelihood.  

The climate change portion of the platform reads:

“Our goal is an effective, international effort in which all major economies commit to reduce their emissions, nations meet their commitments in a transparent manner, and the necessary financing is mobilized so that developing countries can mitigate the effects of climate change and invest in clean energy technologies.”

CNS News reported that the language adopted, “seems to endorse some of the work of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) over the past several years…”

The UNFCCC is an international environmental treaty which currently seeks to negotiate a new agreement replacing one of its principal updates – the Kyoto Protocol.

Such efforts include the establishment of a “global regime of technology and wealth redistribution” to developing countries that have signed the treaty, and are most likely to be hurt by global greenhouse gas emissions standards.

Some Democrats in Congress have already backed attempts by the United Nations to impose global taxes on Americans, generating up to $400 billion for third world countries.

These attempts at global wealth redistribution have been opposed on record by the National Republican party.  Their resolution pointed in particular to the words of an official U.N. panel member, Ottmar Edenhofer, who himself claimed that “We redistribute … the world’s wealth by climate policy”.

The Washington Times reported last month that adopting the opposition resolution “… could have the practical effect of complicating the ability of the U.S. to participate in such international accords as the Law of the Sea Treaty … and successor agreements to the Kyoto global-warming pact.”

The Law of the Sea Treaty is another scheme that would send American wealth (half of our offshore oil revenue) to the U.N. for distribution as they see fit. Investor’s Business Daily called it “an attempt at the global redistribution of power and wealth” and “the embodiment of the progressive dream of the end of the nation state as we know it and the end of political freedom by giving veto over all of mankind’s activities to a global body”.

The UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol agreement has also been opposed for similar reasoning, including their detrimental effect on U.S. interests and the fear that they would do significant damage to our economy.  

Redistributing the wealth of the American people to other countries, while simultaneously shackling businesses with greenhouse emissions restrictions could have a crippling effect on the U.S. economy.  

And yet, Democrats repeatedly embrace such schemes – to the detriment of our nation.