Democrats’ Socialist Spending Spree Sneaks in a $700,000 Fine for Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

The Big Picture

Currently, Democrats in Washington are pushing a $3.5 trillion socialist spending spree through the halls of Congress with a completely partisan reconciliation process. Despite razor-thin majorities in both chambers of Congress and no clear mandate from the American people, Democrats intend to ram through every left-wing priority possible into their disastrous tax and spend package.

Their “human infrastructure” package includes everything from free college tuition to the Green New Deal. To make matters worse, the bill gives lavish tax breaks to the political allies of the Democratic Party while saddling future American generations with unfathomable amounts of debt.

As if there weren’t already enough in the Democrats’ reconciliation package for the American people to be up in arms about, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats snuck in a last-minute addition that would increase fines for Joe Biden’s invasive vaccine mandate by 1,000 percent.

The Details

  • On September 9th, President Joe Biden announced a sprawling vaccine mandate for two-thirds of the American Workforce.
  • Companies that employ more than 100 workers must now require their employees to be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 weekly.
  • Over the weekend, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats added a provision to their monstrous reconciliation bill to increase fines for businesses that refuse to comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate.
  • Companies that refuse to comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate will now face fines of $700,000, up from $70,000.

Why it Matters

The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion partisan reconciliation package is full of every left-wing priority their radical base demands. It comes as no surprise that included in their package is a full-scale embrace of Biden’s invasive vaccine mandate.

Alone, Biden’s vaccine mandate is a gross abuse of his power that stretches the executive branch’s authority to its very limits. Now, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are sneaking in provisions that would make Biden’s decision to strip Americans of their freedom to make their own medical decisions even more devastating.

This last-minute addition to the already horrendous reconciliation package epitomizes a broken legislative process that leaves the American people in the dark. The Democrats’ newest addition to their irresponsible socialist spending spree is buried on page 168 of a 2,465-page bill that far too few on Capitol Hill will end up reading.