Denver’s Illogical Climate Action Plan

The Denver Post has a great op-ed today about Denver mayor John Hickenlooper’s "Climate Action Plan" which seeks to reduce CO2 emissions. This intrusive proposal infringes on the privacy rights of the citizens of Denver by penalizing them for the ‘excessive use’ of natural gas and electricity. Columnist David Harsanyi points out the obvious flaws to this plan:

“The plan, in its present form, is about as unworkable as it is radical. Imagine the minutiae involved in figuring out these crimes against Mother Earth. Do we base electricity usage on house or number of residents in a house? What’s worse: miles driven or gas used? It’s a bureaucratic nightmare waiting to happen.”

In the article, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe calls out the compromised position of the plan which is co-chaired by an executive from CH2M Hill, a firm which provides consulting on carbon offsets and renewable energy services:

“The Climate Action Plan appears compromised by well-connected insiders and political donors who could directly benefit from these new regulations,” said FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe. “Rather than helping the environment, the Climate Action Plan appears to be more about enriching a corporate donor at the expense of the average Denver resident.”

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