Don’t Let These Representatives Kill Charter Bill SB 2401 in Mississippi

Urgent Action Needed

SB 2401, which would establish charter schools in the state, recently passed the Senate, but now it must pass the House. Charter schools operate outside of the education establishment, which means they can institute a dynamic curriculum that meets the needs of individual students. Unfortunately, some House members have chosen to ignore the facts and are instead going to great lengths to prevent this reform from taking place.

On Tuesday of next week the House Education Committee is going to be voting on this bill and a few of them have decided that they are going to put politics over the future of Mississippi children by kowtowing to teachers union and other special interests.

Putting politics before the education of our children has created a system that is failing our kids.   

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 22% of Mississippi 4th graders are proficient in math and reading, and only 19% of 8th graders are proficient in those same subjects.  These numbers reflect the current attitude of lawmakers who protect the status quo ignoring the facts and playing Russian roulette the future of Mississippi’s children.

Take a few minutes to call these Representatives and tell them to stop standing in the way of this reform and ask them to vote Yes on SB 2401.

Pat Nelson (District 40) (601) 359-3339

Steve Masengill (District 13) (601)359-3338

Tracy Arnold (District 3) (601)359-2438

Eugene Hamilton (District 6) (601)359-4075

Toby Barker (District 102) (601)359-3362

Tom Weatherby (District 62) (601)359-3336

Please also take a moment to sign the Petition Supporting SB 2401.