Don’t Let Unelected Bureaucrats Subvert Democracy

On Obama’s last day, hundreds of “midnight regulations” were secretly filed by multiple regulatory agencies. One was the FDA’s Smokeless Tobacco Rule (21 CFR Part 1132). This proposed rule would effectively ban smokeless tobacco made in America. They proposed this rule covertly, hoping you would miss your chance to make your voice heard.

Don’t let unelected bureaucrats subvert democracy and kill thousands of American jobs! Submit a formal comment to the FDA right now. Tell them to withdraw this midnight regulation. Tell them to stop the Smokeless Tobacco Rule!

This rule would require hard-working tobacco growers to meet standards the FDA knows are impossible to achieve with American-grown tobacco. It places a crippling economic burden on them, violating expectations set by Congress. That’s why it was proposed without input from people it hurts most.

If you do nothing, these unelected bureaucrats will ignore you. They’ll keep making job-killing rules in the shadows on all sorts of industries.

Good rules aren’t hidden! Submit a formal comment to the FDA today. Tell them to get real public input. Tell them to stop the Smokeless Tobacco Rule!

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