Empower NC Tour with Rev. C.L. Bryant

Hello Patriots! On February 26 – 28, FreedomWorks launched a series of Empower townhall events here in North Carolina featuring Rev. C.L. Bryant. These townhalls are an opportunity to have a frank discussion about topics like entrepreneurship, criminal justice reform, school choice, financial literacy, and growing the economy in urban communities. You can read more about the tour here.

The events with Rev. C.L. Bryant were a huge success and absolutely fantastic! The message and delivery was powerful, clear, and he touched the audience. Everyone really enjoyed it and want more freedom from higher taxes and government regulation. Thank you to Allen Page and Kathy Hartkopf for arranging this wonderful evening! And a Big Thank You to FreedomWorks!

Here are some other testimonials from the event – and don’t forget to check out the photo gallery!

"My name is George Puckett, Jr. and I am the current president of Plymouth branch of the NAACP, Washington County Branch. I enjoyed meeting Reverend Bryant and hearing his message of empowerment!"

"The Empower event was the best motivational program ever!” – Latoya Howell-Coffield (adding that it showed her there was nothing she couldn’t do in her life)

Watch More about the event here:


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