Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers on H.R. 1

The Big Picture

H.R. 1 is the biggest threat to free speech and election integrity. The left and the media establishment know this, and they are working in tandem to gaslight the American public about the truth of the “For the Politicians” Act, as we have more accurately named this bill. Recently, I came across an Associated Press (AP) fact check disputing comments that H.R. 1 would allow undocumented immigrants to vote and force taxpayers to fund campaigns with which they disagree with. These comments are not misleading. They are facts.

The Details

H.R. 1 would allow undocumented immigrants to vote

H.R. 1 would automatically enroll individuals who have been issued a driver’s license or received government welfare to vote in federal elections, unless the individual opts out of registering to vote. This list of individuals would inevitably include undocumented immigrants.

  • It also would make it easier for anybody to show up to the polls on election day to vote without any strong and reasonable checks to ensure that such an individual is eligible to vote. Additionally, 35 states currently have some form of ID requirements to vote at the polls.
  • These requirements would be superseded by provisions under H.R. 1, such as allowing voters to simply sign an attestation to their identity and that they are eligible to vote.
  • The AP Fact Check does not deny that undocumented immigrants sometimes are able to vote under the current framework.
  • It doesn’t matter if the law currently makes it a crime for undocumented immigrants to vote, the goal should be to create policies that shrink the possibility of those actions from happening.
  • H.R. 1 does exactly the opposite, clearing the way for illegal voting.

H.R. 1 forces taxpayers to fund campaigns with which they disagree with

  • H.R. 1 increases the role of the federal government in elections by creating a Freedom From Influence Fund to distribute campaign contributions to opportunistic politicians.
  • The bill creates the My Voice Voucher Pilot Program which establishes a funding mechanism for selected states to give people a $25 voucher to donate to candidates running for Congress, and also creates a small dollar financing of congressional election campaigns program, which gives a federal match of $6 for every $1 donated to a politician up to $200.
  • The Freedom From Influence Fund would be funded through a 4.75% fee on criminal and civil penalties and settlements that corporations pay to the federal government.
  • It doesn’t matter if the legislation says “no taxpayer funds may be deposited into the Fund.” All federal dollars are at the end of the day dollars from taxpayers.
  • Creating a new fee in the judicial system as a means to fund political campaigns is a de facto definition of taking money from the American people to fund campaigns they would not otherwise support.

Why it Matters

Big tech companies are using these “fact check”articles to assert their “trustworthiness” in the H.R. 1 debate. The two issues highlighted here are only a very small fraction of the monstrosity of this legislation. The “For the Politicians” Act will cause permanent damage to the integrity of our elections, and we must continue to check the media’s smokescreen acts.


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