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Stephen Moore visits Charleston for pre-debate luncheon

On Wednesday, January 13, more than 100 FreedomWorks activists gathered for a pre-debate luncheon at Sticky Fingers Ribhouse in downtown Charleston, South Carolina to hear FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor, Stephen Moore, brief them on what to expect in tonight’s G.O.P. debate.

North Carolina Activists Set to Protest Outside ObamaCare Town Hall
Press Release

North Carolina Activists Set to Protest Outside ObamaCare Town Hall

On Wednesday the FreedomWorks North Carolina State Chapter, under the leadership of State Director Allen Page, plans to meet ObamaCare head on as the President holds a town hall meeting at Broughton High School’s Holiday Gymnasium in Raleigh to tout his controversial healthcare reform plan before heading on to Southwest Virginia as part of the ObamaCare tour. North Carolina activists have secured a permit to counter-protest ObamaCare’s media and press blitz as support for government-run health care continues to slide in the midst of ever-increasing questions to its size ($1.5 trillion plus) and scope (a Trojan Horse public option that will crowd out private insurance).