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Congress Can't Restrain Itself: Federal Spending After the Budget Control Act

On Tuesday, House Democrats pulled the Bankrupting the People Act, H.R. 2021, from consideration on the floor because of divisions within the caucus. This bill, as written, would bust the discretionary spending caps by $360.8 billion over the next two fiscal years and mark the fifth time Congress has busted the spending caps since 2013. FreedomWorks had issued a key vote against H.R. 2021.

Issue Analysis

Busting the Budget: How Congress Spends Over and Around the Budget Control Act

As Congress nears another deadline this Friday for funding the government, a lot is on the table in terms of what could be included in a deal to increase spending across the board. Whether Congress is forced into a partial government shutdown or it chooses to bunt the issue another few weeks or so with the fourth continuing resolution of this fiscal year, the spending issue will have to be addressed in the near future.