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Left's Attack on Moore, Cain, Other Trump Picks Won't Help Government Talent Shortage

BY Adam Brandon

The recent Democrat-led opposition to Stephen Moore’s potential nomination to the Fed Opens a New Window. Board is proof the Left has reached peak Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is the same madness that led Herman Cain to withdraw his name from consideration. If unchecked, it could scare the next generation of talented people away from public service Opens a New Window. .

Herman Cain's "999 Plan": The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Herman Cain's "999 Plan": The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So what about Herman Cain's 999 tax plan? Turns out it has some very good aspects -- and some others, not so good. I'd give it two rousing cheers and one bronx cheer. The plan is called "9, 9, 9" because it would replace today's complicated and economically burdensome federal tax code with a simple, three-part system, consisting of a 9% flat tax on individuals, a 9% flat tax on businesses, and a 9% national retail sales tax.* That's it.**