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Press Release

FreedomWorks Foundation Releases Entitlement Reform: A Growing National Emergency

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- FreedomWorks Foundation today releases its booklet, Entitlement Reform: A Growing National Emergency, in response to the record $22 trillion national debt, with mandatory entitlement spending and interest on the debt being the primary drivers. Congressional Democrats continue to pay no heed to the problem, as evidenced by their repeated proposals to expand entitlement programs.

Op-ed Placement

FreedomWorks Entitlement Reform Series Part One: Congress Must Find Conservative Solution to the Entitlement Crisis

BY Adam Brandon

Since Democrats took control of the House, there has been no shortage of bad legislation that has either been pushed through the lower chamber or advocated by progressives. Democrats were set to consider yet another “caps deal” to bust its own spending maximums set under the Budget Control Act. The Democratic leadership has pulled it from the schedule as progressives and moderates in the party disagree on spending levels. Progressives, of course, want more spending on domestic programs.

Keynesian Bubble Reinflation

Keynesian Bubble Reinflation

Mario Rizzo at NYU has a great article has a great article in this issue of the Freeman explaining how Keynesian stimulus packages can't restore confidence to an economy.  He argues that in order to restore confidence in the market, which Secretary Geithner has claimed is the goal, we have to fix the causes of the problem rather than the symptoms.  A stimulus package does not correct, even in Keynesian terms, the "collective irrationality" that lead to a housing bubble in the first place.