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Building a Machine To Win A Culture

Building a Machine To Win A Culture

People are reading entirely too much into President Obama's re-election. He and Organizing for America, the Democratic Party, and allied groups simply beat Romney and the Republican National Committee, state parties, and aliied groups at getting out the vote.The reason Obama was able to do that is not because of policy or growing popular satisfaction with socialism. He convinced people that he was on their team, and they were on his. After that, nothing Romney said made a bit of difference.

Issue Analysis

Limiting Government Through the Culture War

The speeches at FreePAC in Dallas July 26 will have a lasting impact on the movement for limited government. Each was inspirational and important, but one stands out among the others for the insight that political victories are a result of cultural change. The only way to limit government is with a limiting culture.You can watch the rest of the amazing FreePAC speeches from the links below: