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Iowa Lawmakers Propose Increase in Gas Tax

Iowa Lawmakers Propose Increase in Gas Tax

Lawmakers and lobbyists in Iowa are pushing for an additional 10 cent per gallon gasoline tax, on top of the 21 cent gas tax already in place. Raising the gas tax, especially in this stalled economy, would hurt Iowa families by forcing them to pay even more at the gas pump. This proposed tax would be particularly cruel since the average gas price in Iowa is a whopping $3.70 per gallon.

Help Save California
Press Release

Help Save California

It’s clear to anyone who believes in the free market and limited government that California is poised on a knife-edge: state legislators can do the right thing, tighten belts and declare California open for business or they can continue to tax citizens and their businesses straight out of the state.No one would deny that times are tough.  But when you can’t make ends meet, most people start making tough decisions and stop spending.  California is facing a $42 billion budget gap and some state legislators think that taxpayers should pay for the years of overspending and waste that put them there.  Currently there is a plan that calls for $14 billion in tax hikes – everything from an income tax surcharge to higher sales tax to a hike in the gas tax.  And the list grows from there. The plan also calls for $10 billion in borrowing. When you are in a hole, the first thing you should do is stop spending!People who are already hurting shouldn’t have to pay more in taxes.  The years of high taxes and complex regulations are what has driven businesses and families from California in the first place.  Rolling back those regulations and cutting taxes and spending could mean real, long term growth for the state.Luckily there are a few brave leaders in the Senate who have been willing to say enough is enough.  Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (R-36th) has led the charge and stood up for California taxpayers and businesses against this plan.But he needs your help.Please take a few minutes of your time to call these Senators and remind them that if they truly believe in fiscal responsibility they must oppose this budget and its massive tax hikes and borrowing.  These two Senators need to hear from you that they should not vote to raise taxes: Senator Dave Cox (R-1st)        (916) 651-4001 Senator Abel Maldonado (R-15th)    (916) 651-4051These two Senators have publicly stated that they are in favor of this boondoggle of a budget and they need to hear from you: Senator Dave Cogdill    (R-14th)    (916) 651-4014 Senator Roy Ashburn    (R-18th)    (916) 651-4018I don’t need to tell you that time is of the essence.  Please call right away.  Then forward this email to five friends and help get the word out.  We like to say that government goes to those who show up.  It is gravely important that in this fight for the future of the state of California people who believe in lower taxes, less government, and more freedom are the ones who show up.