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Help Stop Another Threat to U.S. Energy Security
Press Release

Help Stop Another Threat to U.S. Energy Security

Don’t look now, but another threat to America’s access to affordable energy looms on the horizon.Recently, Nancy Pelosi and her fellow liberals in Congress passed a massive new Cap and Trade Energy Tax in the House.  This potentially devastating legislation that would threaten thousands of American jobs and cause energy prices to skyrocket now moves to the Senate and could be voted on as early as September.  Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is attacking our energy security on another front.Soon after he was confirmed as Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar announced that his department would be scrapping the plan for offshore oil and natural gas drilling and exploration developed by the previous administration.  Every five years the Department of the Interior’s U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS), the agency responsible for offshore oil and gas leasing in the United States, develops a Five-Year Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) leasing program that helps schedule offshore oil and gas lease sales.  Instead of sticking to the plan in place, Salazar’s MMS is changing the rules on energy companies in the middle of the game.Please call Secretary Salazar at 1(877) 851-2516 and tell him that altering the Draft Proposed Program for 2010-2015 already in place, threatens our energy supply and could send gas prices through the roof.The Obama Administration has made no secret about their desire to see less oil, gas, and other tried-and-true fossil fuels on the table and their plans to limit energy production will increase energy prices.  The truth is, we need all energy options on the table and the government shouldn’t be picking and choosing winners.  Higher energy costs mean fewer jobs and rising costs on everything from food to transportation to heating and electricity.  Expanding offshore drilling and producing more energy would lower costs and help create more jobs.  The middle of an economic crisis is no time to start changing how business is done for the businesses, workers, and families that rely on the availability of the billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas just off our own shores.  New technology has made energy exploration more environmentally friendly and safer for workers. Call Secretary Salazar at 1(877) 851-2516 and tell him we need more energy not less.  And if you have another moment, please send an email to the agency. Let him know you support the Draft Proposed Program for 2010-2015 – the plan already in place.