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Liberal Commentator Turns Desperate

BY Logan Albright

As we enter the home stretch of the midterm elections, Democrats’ chances of holding the Senate appear to be fading, and commentators on the left are beginning to panic. Abandoning honest analysis in favor of conspiracy theories and allegations of bias in the polls.Particularly egregious in this regard is the always excitable Rachel Maddow, whose plummeting ratings have apparently driven her to desperation.


Piers Morgan Leaving CNN – A Nation Rejoices

The Hills Are Alive ...The Twitterverse was alive on Sunday night with the reverberations from the news that the loathsome Piers Morgan will be taking his anti-freedom talents back to England. Morgan was famous for two things: railing against the American concept of constitutional liberty, and tanking ratings. The wonder is not that his show is being canceled, nor that his ratings cratered. The only wonder is that it took so long for this decision to be made.