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The Last Time Senate Democrats Passed a Budget...

The Last Time Senate Democrats Passed a Budget...

On May 16th, less than a month after our 3rd year without a passed budget, Democrats voted down FOUR Republican budget proposals, without even proposing an alternative. In the days leading up to the 3rd anniversary on April 29th, we asked our Twitter followers to share what was happening in the world the last time the Democrats passed a budget. We got tons of great responses! Most were quite funny, but some were a more serious reminder of why we need strong leadership in the Senate, and how the current leadership isn’t cutting it.

Hash tag, #, Retweet, RT, @........A New Language.
Issue Analysis

Hash tag, #, Retweet, RT, @........A New Language.

I sent my first “tweet” a few days ago, and must admit, that at first I didn’t “get it”. But now I see the value in this Social Media platform; I guess one must always experience something to really understand it.   The value of Twitter is this: Tweets are faster than Facebook, and for high profile, fast moving, and fluid events i.e.