Free My Milk

          Do you trust the government’s bureaucrats in the Food and Drug Administration more than yourself to judge what is safe to eat?  This question goes straight to the heart of the bill HR 1830 introduced on May 11 by Congressman Ron Paul.  This bill will allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines.  With the passage of HR 1830 the bill would remove the unconstitutional restraints placed on farmers by the FDA and return more freedom to the citizens of this nation. 
          This issue goes even further than simply wrestling power from the FDA and restoring back to the people.  It asks the question do you own your body or does the government?  We do not need to have a nanny state telling its citizens what they can or cannot eat.  As citizens of this republic we should be able to have the freedom to determine if we want to drink unpasteurized milk or consume unpasteurized milk products.  Congressman and now presidential candidate Ron Paul said it best when he asked the question, “How much freedom do we have if we can’t even drink unpasteurized milk?”  Well America, how much freedom do we have?  If you are a supporter of limited government, free markets, and freedom then I urge you to contact your congressman and urge them to support HR 1830.


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