Freedom Artist Richard Bledsoe

At Liberatchik, we are proud to have such an intellectual and creative mind on our side. Richard Bledsoe and his work are great assets to those of us trying to save the arts from the mundane and destructive intentions of the cultural elites. We hope that you will take the time to fully explore his work and support our ongoing efforts to #TakeBackOurCulture.

It is difficult to know where to begin in describing the art of Richard. Conceptual art is complex and personal. It is simultaneously subject to the world view of the audience and beholden to the intentions of the artist. When it is created for the purpose of pushing boundaries and unseating the status-quo, it takes the viewer down the road to introspection and, perhaps, personal action. To say this describes Richard’s art would be inadequate.

First, one has to know the background of the Stuckist movement and Richard’s work as a Remodernist. Then, time would need to be spent reading his prolific writing on the ills of the art community and the nefarious goals of the modern art movement (sample articles linked below).

Artist Statement:

In this corrupted era, my paintings are political by NOT being political.

I hold to the radical notion that art speaks to a kind of human experience that is more vital than power games of a greedy and manipulative ruling class.

I am a painter of parables and fables.

My painting pursues art’s original impulses – ineffable spiritual energy represented as patterns, animals or figures of power. Imagery is revealed to me in flashes of inspiration – a complete picture is visualized. I reconstruct the essential forms through a series of automatic gestures on a framework of traditional sacred models, such as tankas, icons and mandalas. The process of painting enhances and changes the original thought.

The self-proclaimed elitists have weaponzied art into an assault on the values of Western civilization. I see the efforts of Liberatchik as a revolution against this, a force for renewal. We need an art that reflects the true character of American culture, not the decadent façade inflicted on us by the establishment.

My art is focused on the actual purposes of art, but as a citizen I do take a stand for a reformation of culture in my writings. I was inspired by the principles of Remodernism, an international grass roots phenomenon. Remodernism was first articulated by English artists Billy Childish and Charles Thomson. They created an open-source art movement, a convincing alternative to elitist snobbery, and a way to build on the traditions of the past to make the art of the future. I am grateful for their integrity.

Remodern Review