Freedom to Vote Act: New Name, Same Bad Bill

The Big Picture

Despite its innocent-sounding name, the Freedom to Vote Act is the latest attempt to federalize our elections by Washington Democrats. Far too often, politicians introduce a bill with a seemingly straightforward purpose–to enhance the freedom to vote–but really has even more restrictions and violates our freedom of speech.

On Sept. 14, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, S. 2747,as a supposed compromise to H.R. 1 “The Corrupt Politicians Act.” It is supported by Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). Unfortunately, this bill is no compromise but simply “The Corrupt Politicians Act” in all but name.

The Details

What’s in the Freedom to Vote Act?

  • This bill still includes the DISCLOSE Act, a policy that runs roughshod over the First Amendment by requiring nonprofit organizations to disclose the names and private information of its donors. It opens the door to the cancel culture mob and discourages donors from donating their money for fear of being harassed.
  • Earlier this year, the Supreme Court struck down California’s similar donor disclosure requirements in Americans for Prosperity vs. Bonta as a violation of the First Amendment.
  • This bill still uses taxpayer dollars to fund the reelection campaigns of career politicians with 6 to 1 matching contributions for small dollar donations.
  • This bill still includes the Honest Ads Act, which requires large digital platforms to maintain a public file of all electioneering communications purchased by a person or group who spend more than $500.00 total for ads on their platform. This provision would force companies to dox advertisers on a massive scale.
  • This bill still makes it harder for states to maintain the accuracy of their voter rolls and undermines election integrity.

Why It Matters

The Freedom to Vote Act is the latest attempt by Democrats to federalize our elections. While states like Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Texas are leading the way to secure our elections, Democrats in Washington are intent on undermining their efforts.

Preserving the legislative filibuster is essential to keeping the federal government out of state election laws and is a major factor in the fight to stop the “Corrupt Politicians Act” and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act; and now S. 2747, the Freedom to Vote Act.

The Freedom to Vote Act is no compromise. This bill not only federalizes our elections but tramples on our constitutional rights. This blatant federal power grab must be stopped.