FreedomWorks Activists Concerned About National Debt and COVID-19 Spending

The COVID-19 crisis has held the United States in a public health and economic headlock since the start of quarantine periods about two months ago. Each week shows increased job loss, victims of the virus, and emotional health problems. FreedomWorks activists are, sadly, not immune to the devastation inflicted by Coronavirus.

To understand their struggles better, FreedomWorks conducted its seventh survey last weekend on our activists. In addition to learning about the effects they are facing, we sought to gauge the opinions of our advocates on the actions taken by Congress to mitigate the havoc caused by the virus.

It is clear from the data that an overwhelming majority of FreedomWorks activists are concerned about the national debt. That being said, their opinions are less straightforward on the different actions taken by Congress in response to the current crisis facing the nation.

Overall, these activists have mixed positions on their approval of Congress’ actions during the COVID-19 crisis, with just under half showing favor to the relief packages passed overall. 62% of survey respondents, however, believe the government has done more than it should have done. This group accounts for 57% of those who are happy overall with Congress’ actions.

Activists agreed the most on the funding increase for small business loans, with 80% voicing their support for this measure. That being said, activists agreed the least on the increased unemployment aid provided in the CARES Act passed by Congress. Just over half of activists do not agree with this measure. Another third of respondents say they support the provision.

Over one-third of FreedomWorks activists who agree with the overall measures passed by Congress as well as the small business loan expansion say they do not support the expanded unemployment programs. These individuals account for 17% of the overall population.

While understanding the approval of measures passed by Congress, in addition to understanding the measures themselves, is important, it is also important to know what Americans are facing in their everyday lives. This week, the unemployment rate for FreedomWorks activists reached its highest level at 24%.

Another 12% of individuals reported they have lost income due to the virus. 19% of small business owners and self-employed respondents say they have faced pay cuts due to loss of work under quarantine restrictions.

FreedomWorks activists, however, are ready to move forward. 94% of survey respondents say they want quarantine restrictions to be lifted within two weeks. Regardless of opinion on the measures proposed and enacted by Congress to aid America’s current devastation, it is important to find a new normal. Our activists want to find their own way out of the storm.