FreedomWorks Activists Send Thousands of Messages to Oklahoma Governor’s Office to Repeal Common Core

In the final days before the deadline to sign HB 3399, FreedomWorks grassroots activists are sending thousands of messages to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to repeal Common Core in Oklahoma. The fate of education in Oklahoma rests in Governor Fallin’s hands, who needs to sign HB 3399 into law to stop the federal takeover of education.

Activists have sent over 5,000 messages and phone calls to Fallin’s office over the past 24 hours, urging her to sign the bill. Governor Fallin has until June 7 to sign HB 3399.
“Oklahomans have the chance to lead the nation in the fight to end Common Core. Everyone needs to send a message and call Governor Fallin’s office to make sure she signs this bill,” said FreedomWorks Director of Grassroots Whitney Neal.

“Common Core takes power away from parents, teachers, and local communities and puts it in the hands of the federal government. Grassroots activists across the country understand the importance of keeping education local and signing this bill to stop Common Core in Oklahoma.”

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