As FreedomWorks Acts to Protect Donor Privacy, Leftist Groups Publish Home Addresses of Trump Donors

FreedomWorks Foundation is urging the IRS to protect donor privacy from threats and physical intimidation. Don’t let leftist mobs prevent you from donating to the causes that matter to you and your family. Make your voice heard HERE.

In 2013, liberty-loving Americans across the nation found out that their government was targeting them for increased financial scrutiny because of their political beliefs. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revealed organizations with terms like “Tea Party” or “Freedom” in their name were being singled out for additional review by the agency. This made life harder on conservative organizations filing for tax exempt status to operate as nonprofits.

In August of this year, a member of Congress, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) posted a list of individuals in the San Antonio area who donated to President Trump. This was a member of Congress singling out his own constituents for harassment because they disagreed with him politically. It was a blatant and shameful form of intimidation.

Sadly, it seems that the left is not through trying to use fear to keep their opponents in the shadows. Rather than win the battle of ideas in a public forum, they would rather their political rivals be afraid to speak out under threat of bodily harm or economic ruin. This is a sad state for a constitutional republic that prides itself on freedom of expression to be in. Yet, it seems that that is the path upon which America now finds itself.

A leftist organization called Public Service Media Group, just launched a website called Racism Watch. Instead of trying to stop actual racism, what the site does is publish the names and home addresses of every single person in America who donated to the Donald Trump presidential campaign. This is dangerous. People will get hurt because of sites like this and it is time to put an end to it.

Radical leftists are now willing to assault journalists who don’t cover them favorably. They have defended the idea of “Punching Nazis” to make a political statement. The problem is that leftists now broadly classify anyone who disagrees with them as racists or Nazi sympathizers. They are coming for all conservatives and won’t make distinctions. Now, these same people who want to bring violence to you for your beliefs, want to be able to do so at your homes, where your family eats, sleeps, and lives. This is unacceptable.

Thankfully, the IRS, now under the Trump administration, is considering a rule that would protect the privacy and identity of all donors to 501(c)(4) political organizations. This is an important step to ensuring that mob rule and political violence does not govern discourse in the United States.

The FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center is driving public support for this reform. It is vitally important that political arguments be won and lost on their merits, not because of physical threats or intimidation. You can make your voice heard by telling the IRS to protect donor privacy HERE or at the link at the top of this article. Together, we can halt the leftist mobs in their tracks and protect freedom of expression for all Americans.

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