FreedomWorks at the Arizona YAL convention

Hi, I’m Brady Bowyer, President of Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a longtime supporter of FreedomWorks’ grassroots action to reclaim our liberty. This weekend, myself and a crew of activists from the Las Vegas area made the trip to Arizona State University to volunteer for FreedomWorks at the Arizona Young Americans for Liberty state convention. This was YAL’s first state convention in Arizona, and the turnout was great. Over 120 liberty-minded students and community members from around the region came to enjoy a day of activism training and hear great speakers.

They were also excited to hear from the event’s many sponsors, especially FreedomWorks! Many attendees stopped by to learn more about FreedomWorks’ current projects fighting civil asset forfeiture, common core, and the big government tax-and-spend policies that hurt our generation. We signed up dozens of new members and gave away plenty of FreedomWorks gear! It was a great time and I think everybody in attendance left the convention with new knowledge, friends, and the tools they need to fight for our future!