FreedomWorks’ Bill of the Month for June 2017: National Paycheck Protection Act, H.R.2127

FreedomWorks has selected the National Paycheck Protection Act, H.R.2127, as Bill of the Month for June, 2017. This bill was introduced on April 25 by Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.).

Title I of the Labor-Management and Disclosure Act of 1959, contains the Bill of Rights of Members of Labor Organizations. This Bill of Rights guarantees equality and protective rights to individuals of labor unions, including the right to freedom of speech and assembly, the right to sue, and protects against unwarranted disciplinary action. This bill would add a stipulation to the law by requiring individual employee consent before the use of their labor organization contributions are put toward any action other than the labor unions collective bargaining or contract administration functions.

By adding this section:

“No employee’s labor organization dues, fees, or assessments or other contributions shall be used or contributed to any person, organization, or entity for any purpose not directly related to the labor organization’s collective bargaining or contract administration functions on behalf of the represented unit employee unless the employee whether a member of the labor organization or a nonmember required to make such payments as a condition of employment, authorizes such expenditure in writing, after a notice period of not less than 35 days. An initial authorization provided by an employee under the preceding sentence shall expire not later than 1 year after the date on which such authorization is signed by the employee. There shall be no automatic renewal of an authorization under this section.”

Any fees or dues collected by the labor union should be going toward the goals of the labor union and not used to conflict with the interest of the individuals in said union. In a recent press release, Rep. Budd said, “Right now, millions of Americans who are paying union dues are having their money used to support political advocacy they may not believe in. The right to support or not to support political causes is guaranteed by the First Amendment, and what this bill does is make that right for union members stronger. No one should have to ‘opt-out’ in order to exercise their constitutional rights.”

This bill protects constitutional rights, by providing the individual the liberty to support or oppose the use of their labor organization contributions going toward any nonrepresentational union activities.