FreedomWorks’ Bill of the Month for March 2022: S.Res. 20, Read the Bills Resolution

The Big Picture

FreedomWorks is excited to announce that Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) Read the Bills Resolution, S.Res. 20, is our Bill of the Month for March 2022. This timely common-sense legislation would allow lawmakers to do their job correctly by giving them adequate time to actually read the bills they are voting on.

When it comes to the federal budget, seemingly every year, Congress fails to pass their requisite spending bills on time, never with any meaningful fiscal reform, and the bills aren’t made public until the morning of the vote.

The process for this year’s omnibus package is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Congress. The massive, 2,741-page spending measure was negotiated behind closed doors, released in the dead of night, and voted on less than 24 hours after first being made public.

It is entirely irresponsible for Congress to continue a process that perpetuates wasteful spending and leaves the American people in the dark. That is why every lawmaker should support the Read the Bills Resolution.

The Details

  • The Read the Bills Resolution would require bills, amendments, and conference reports to be filed for one day for every 20 pages before they can be considered while leaving legislators room to act in emergencies.
  • This would give lawmakers an adequate amount of time to thoroughly examine and scrutinize the massive spending bills rammed through Congress on a routine basis.
  • This reform would’ve allowed lawmakers 137 days to read the 2,741-page omnibus package passed earlier this month.

Why it Matters

Large spending bills are drafted by a handful of members and staffers behind closed doors without the input of rank-and-file members. Nobody has time to read them, much less understand them. Massive spending bills are certainly not in the best interests of taxpayers, which closer examination and a better process would have exposed.

The Read the Bills Resolution provides much-needed reform to incorporate our elected representatives into the lawmaking process, not just a select few in leadership. Every member should be able to do their job correctly and be provided the time to read the legislation thoroughly they are voting on.

FreedomWorks is excited to recognize the Read the Bills Resolution as our Bill of the Month for March 2022 and hopes to see more lawmakers join in support of this much-needed legislation.