FreedomWorks Classic: Issue Analysis of Net Neutrality

The issue of Net Neutrality is big in the news these days, with the president calling for increased internet regulation from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But the Net Neutrality debate is far from a new one, and has in fact been raging for many years. Ever since its inception, the internet has had to fend off government attempts to control the information superhighway.

Given the complex nature of the issue, and the fact that too many people still remain unsure of what Net Neutrality really is or does, we’re bringing back the comprehensive Issue Analysis from FreedomWorks Chief Economist and Vice President of Research, Dr. Wayne Brough.

We hope that this paper will inform and educate our members on Net Neutrality, so that they can confidently rebut the arguments for a government-managed internet.

Issue Analysis – Net Neutrality