FreedomWorks’ Congressman of the Month – Jeff Duncan

FreedomWorks is pleased to name Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) as our Congressman of the Month for August 2016 for his continued fight to uphold the Constitution and promote free market principles and limited government. Just last month, Rep. Duncan was presented with the FreedomWorks FreedomFighter award for his votes and legislation in the 2015 congressional year. With a FreedomWorks lifetime scorecard rating of 96% and a score of 100% in 2015, Rep. Duncan is a consistent and principled warrior for the taxpayers, fiscal common sense, and the Constitution.

Rep. Duncan’s dedication to smart spending is demonstrated by his introduction of H.R. 3742, the Adjusting the Davis-Bacon for Inflation Act. Davis-Bacon forces the federal government to pay the union prevailing wage to contractors working on federal projects. Duncan said Davis-Bacon wages are “bloated and the $2,000 threshold is low. Davis-Bacon forces contractors on small projects to pay wages they can’t afford. You can probably change light bulbs in this town for $2,000.”

In another statement, Duncan said, “Most every contract we see is falling under the Davis-Bacon Act.” This legislation would make sure Davis-Bacon does not apply to contracts under $50,000. This would save the taxpayers money and promote freedom to contact. Davis-Bacon is an example of crony capitalism that benefits unions at the expense of taxpayers.

Rep. Duncan, who, according to the Cato Institute, is a supporter of free trade, also strongly opposed providing fast track authority for President Barack Obama on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. As the congressman explained, “Supporters of giving Fast Track Authority to the President will argue that the legislation contains safeguards to ensure that the President honors his commitments to Congress. However, in the past when this President has broken his word and overstepped his authority, when has Congress ever stepped up to stop him?” Rep. Duncan is also an advocate for U.S. energy independence. He has supported offshore drilling along the Atlantic Coast, and more oil and natural gas development on federal lands.

As an energetic member of the House Freedom and House Liberty caucuses and the Congressional Balanced Budget Caucus, Rep. Duncan is an advocate for the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty, and the rule of law. His caucus memberships reflect his willingness to go beyond introducing legislation that respects free market. Rep. Duncan works with his like-minded colleagues to go the extra mile and work on policy ideas that will help transform our bloated federal government.

Because of his leadership role in fighting for the taxpayers and the Constitution, FreedomWorks is proud to name Rep. Jeff Duncan as the FreedomWorks Congressman of the Month for August 2016.