Last week, FreedomWorks released two new resources that we view as absolutely critical for voters to have in the run-up to this election, which is now less than one month away.

The first resource, "FACE THE FACTS: President Trump’s Top Four Accomplishments in Four Years," puts what we view as the overarching successes of the Trump administration and their impact in one central place. These include unleashing economic prosperity, signing notable legislation, transforming the judiciary, and putting America first. We hope for this document to serve as a to-the-point yet comprehensive overview for voters of the positive results this president has delivered for Americans during his first term in office.

The second resource, "ON THE ISSUES: A Comparison of Republican and Democrat Platforms to FreedomWorks’ Position on Major Issues," is a far less political piece that simply outlines the two parties’ positions alongside FreedomWorks’ position on top-of-mind national policy issues. Having pulled quotes directly from each party’s own platform, we hope for this document to serve as an objective resource for voters to understand what each party stands for, how that measures up to what FreedomWorks believes, and which best represents their views as they weigh options this fall.

Both resources can be found below: