FreedomWorks Foundation Submits Formal Comment to the Department of Energy Opposing Return to Obama-Biden Dishwasher Standards

Today, FreedomWorks Foundation submitted a formal comment to the Department of Energy (DOE) opposing its proposed rule to return to the inefficient Obama-Biden water and electricity standards for dishwashers and, in the process, eliminate the faster class of dishwashers that cleaned dishes thoroughly in one cycle.

Our comment echoes the concerns of thousands of activists across the country who want to put an end to unnecessary government overreach that makes their lives harder. The Obama/Biden dishwasher rule shows just how little the left cares about our daily concerns. And in the name of “environmentalism,” the Obama/Biden rule wastes more water and electricity than did older dishwashers by requiring several cycles or hand-washing to get dishes clean. This is ironic indeed–and makes a mockery of regulating in the public interest.

Below are some of our activists’ comments driven to the DOE in opposition to their proposed rule:

We need to keep our dishwashers at their current rate of cleaning and sanitizing ability, especially since we are still seeing cases of COVID. Now is NOT the time to downgrade one of the best ways to help keep our families healthy and safe by thorough cleaning and sanitation!
–N.H. P.

Why in the world would the government seek to add more regulations to how dishwashers must function?! There are already enough regulations, and these have already diminished the cleaning capacity of dishwashers now in use. Adding more regulations will lead only to even longer wash cycles and even less clean dishes driving many of us to give up on dishwashers altogether and simply washing by hand. Perhaps that is your goal in pursuing this policy? A pox on all phony environmental “do-gooders” who do nothing but make life harder for everyone without really doing a damn thing to help the environment.
–Maya C.

Do not change the requirements for dishwashers unless you make them do a better job at cleaning dishes! These new energy efficient models do not get dishes clean and so many times you must run them through 2 cycles – how does that save energy???
–Pamela B.

Please do not make any changes to dishwasher regulations. As it is, I have to clean my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher. So if you make them worse, you are factually hurting the environment. I use water and soap on them, then into the dishwasher. That is twice the resources and more work to do one job. If you make them less efficient I’ll have to go back to hand washing. I implore you, please do not do that!
–Russ S.

Stop messing with our dishwashers, washers and dryers! Your “fixes” are not working and making things worse!
–William B.

Why don’t you try to fix something that is broken instead. I already suffer from the “improvements” that you mandated for washing machines a few years ago.
–Kenneth W.

Leave my dishwasher alone and stay out of my kitchen.
–Aleesha W.

Do not go back to regulations on dishwashers that use more energy, are less efficient, take longer to run and leave dishes less clean, just because Biden wants to undo everything that President Trump did to improve the economy.
–Twyla B.

I oppose this new regulation and Keep Dishwashers Great!
–Darrin D.