FreedomWorks Foundation Submits Formal Comment Opposing OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate

Today, FreedomWorks Foundation filed a formal comment with the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) opposing the Biden Administration’s proposal to make permanent the mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations and testing. The comment argues that this mandate is unwise, unnecessary, and will further inflame opposition to the COVID vaccines among the vaccine-resistant public. Businesses are perfectly capable of determining what works for their employees. A number of businesses already require vaccination or regular testing; and some businesses, particularly in rural areas, may not be able to fill positions if potential employees face mandatory vaccination or regular testing. Instead of getting people back to work and growing the economy, people will sit idle–ultimately at the expense of beleaguered taxpayers. The full text of the comment is attached and can be accessed here.

More than 1500 activists filed their own comments opposing the mandate, and more than 2300 activists signed onto FreedomWorks’ comment. Here are some excerpts from comments driven to OSHA:

“I have had the virus, I am not vaccine hesitant, I made a choice, that my government wants to force me to reverse. This overreach is of more concern to me than the virus ever was. I chose not to get the vaccine due in part to a distrust in the powers that be. This mandate only confirms my distrust is warranted.”
–Eric C., Alaska

“Please stop the unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Free people should have a choice based on personal health and beliefs.”
–Gayla W., Georgia

“I’ve worked through the entire pandemic as a police officer and I never took one day off. I haven’t called off from work in over three years. I am not comfortable putting an experimental vaccine into my body against my will and religious beliefs. I love my family and I’ve worked really hard to make a nice life for my wife and kids. I shouldn’t be on the verge of losing my sixteen year career because of an unconstitutional mandate.”
–Ross W., Pennsylvania

“The government has ZERO business forcing me to get an EXPERIMENTAL medical procedure with both known and unknown long term health risks. This is MY body and MY choice.”
–Jennifer S., Indiana

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