FreedomWorks Intern Meets 2008 Hopeful Fred Thompson

FreedomWorks Intern, Jessica Irwin attended the 57th Biennial College Republicans National Committee Convention this past weekend at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, VA. Among the College Republicans at the event were prominent Republican leaders like Republican National Committee Chairman, Mike Duncan; Dr. Paul Teller, the Deputy Director of the Republican Study Committee; president of the Leadership Institute, Morton Blackwell; Former House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay and U.S. Senator Sam Brownback from Kansas.

On Saturday, a very special guest made a surprise appearance and wowed the young audience. 2008 Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson addressed the College Republicans with a very enthusiastic speech about being all that you can be. He also mistaked Russell Kirk with Barry Goldwater as the author of "the Conscience of a Conservative." He took no questions after his speech but stuck around a while to let us all get pictures with him. In fact, I was standing there patiently for about 20 minutes while he took pictures with everybody but me, and then he finally said "Now move outta the way and let the tall polite blonde step in here." (Referring to me, of course!) So I got to shake hands with him and snap a few photos. What a great way to end the already fantastic Convention!

You can see the video my friend Catherine captured on Saturday: