FreedomWorks Issues a Key Vote NO on H.R. 6833 – Short Term Continuing Resolution

Americans feel the consequences of the 117th Congress’ reckless spending binge everyday as the cost of living skyrockets. With Republicans poised to take control of one or both chambers of Congress this November, members should not pass a continuing resolution that expires before the 118th Congress begins. Americans cannot afford another Biden-Pelosi-Schumer budget. 

  • For decades lawmakers have thrown fiscal sanity to the wind, racking up over $30 trillion in national debt. 
  • This continuing resolution expires on December 16th, giving Democrats ample time to further bloat government spending after they’re ousted in November. 
  • Attached to this short-term funding bill is yet another $12 billion aid package for Ukraine.
FreedomWorks will count the vote for H.R. 6833 on our 2022 Congressional Scorecard and reserves the right to score any amendments, motions, or other related votes. The scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the FreedomFighter Award, which recognizes Members of the House and Senate who consistently vote to support economic freedom and individual liberty.