FreedomWorks Joins a South Carolina School Choice Forum

Low Country 9-12 hosted a great forum on School Choice in Summerville, South Carolina this past Wednesday, with over 60 activists showing up to the event.

Speakers at the forum included: Dr. David Longshore, a South Carolina School Board member; Ray Moore, from Exodus Mandate; Joe Kress, from the Dorchester County Taxpayers; and our very own Julie Borowski, a Policy Analyst here at FreedomWorks.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which tests 4th and 8th graders in reading and math, South Carolina ranks 50th in the nation with less than 28% of all 4th graders scoring proficient. While David Longshore attempted to defend the core curriculum in South Carolina public schools by claiming the reason they ranked so low nationally is due to “higher than average” standards, the majority of panelists were in support of school choice legislation in some form in order to improve the quality of education for South Carolinian children.

During the event, FreedomWorks’ Julie Borowski also disputed the idea that spending was the reason behind such low performance rankings in South Carolina public schools, citing that the Palmetto State already spends an astounding $11,000 per pupil.