FreedomWorks Live Blog: Subcommittee on Workforce Protections

Today on Capitol Hill, there is important hearing entitled, “Examining Recent Regulatory and Enforcement Actions of the Mine Safety and Health Administration”.  In a time of rising energy costs and high unemployment, we need to reduce onerous and duplicative regulations to ensure that our economy flourishes once again. 

The Obama administration and politicians on Capitol Hill continously compile draconian and useless regulations which are placing a heavy burden on the American people and our economy.  Tell your representatives that you have had enough of these arbitrary bureaucratic decrees by submitting our call to action:

Tune in to this blog this morning and throughout the day as we will update you as the hearing progresses.

The expert witness at today’s hearing is Joseph A. Main who is the  Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health (MSHA).  The MSHA and the Obama administration are attempting to propose a variety of regulations on the mining industry, which will destroy thousands of jobs and rapidly increase energy costs without any discernible benefits to worker or environmental safety.

Representative Rokita (R-IN) makes a strong point that mining industries should focus on improving safety equipment for mining workers with the advent of new technology. 

Why not improve mining helmets with more efficient and robust ventilation systems and faceguards?  Should we attack a vital energy producing industry with hazardous regulations, when we could harness technology to improve the conditions of mining workers?

The answer to the preceeding question is unequivocal and emphatic NO!  It seems that the Obama administration and central planning bureaucrats continuously want regulate every aspect of society.  Is there any regulation they aren’t willing to ram down our struggling economy’s throat?

Tell your representatives to remove these regulations and keep initiating oversight measures over unelected bureacrats and czars by submitting our call to action:

MSHA Assistant Secretary Main has concluded his remarks.  Safety of mine workers is surely important, as he showed, but there is insufficient need of more economically destructive regulations.  How about the enforcement of existing regulations meant to restrain the mining industry or any industry for that matter, from potential negligence and malfeasence?

Keep the pressure on your elected representatives and tell them you have had enough of the abundance of redtape being compiled on the backs of hardworking americans and their paychecks: