FreedomWorks’ Member of the Month for July 2021: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.)

FreedomWorks is excited to honor Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) as our member of the month for July 2021. She represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, encompassing much of the western half of the state. As a freshman member who came into office after a successful primary challenge against incumbent former Rep. Scott Tipton (R-Colo.), Rep. Boebert has already proven herself a fighter. Even before she came into office, she defined herself as such.

The Big Picture

Rep. Lauren Boebert is first and foremost a small business owner from Rifle, Colorado who has fought hard in her own life, realizing that individuals can provide far better for themselves than the government could ever hope to. She recognized that the status quo in Washington was not working for the American people, and chose to run for Congress.

The fresh perspective of a young, fearless, and principled conservative woman is a welcome change to see in our nation’s capital. Rep. Boebert has shown admirable leadership and fight in issues critical to the country at this point, including but certainly not limited to the border crisis, second amendment rights, the national debt, land management, and the energy sector.

She is an active member of the House Freedom Caucus and the Republican Study Committee, and serves on both the Committee on Natural Resources and the Committee on the Budget.

The Details

In the House of Representatives, Rep. Boebert backs conservative policy solutions that help everyday Americans across the country to make a real difference and hold officials accountable, including introducing multiple pieces of legislation to address the border crisis that the Biden administration has worsened and neglected to fix or even acknowledge.

  • H.Res. 493, Biden Border Crisis Resolution: Censures President Biden for his failure to follow his constitutional duty to execute the law, calls for President Biden to fire DHS Secretary Mayorkas, disapproves of President Biden’s usurpation of legislative power, and calls on President Biden to secure the border
  • H.R. 1613, Stop the Biden Caravan Now Act: Requires DHS to transfer equipment and personnel used for extra security in D.C. since January 2021 to the southern U.S. border
  • H.R. 2003, Secure the Southern Border Act: Codifies President Trump’s border policies, including ending catch and release, building the wall, ending sanctuary cities, and others
  • H.R. 2004, No Amnesty Act: Nullifies and defunds President Biden’s amnesty executive orders

Rep. Boebert also consistently makes the needs of her home state a top priority, most notably recently by proposing reforms to effectively prevent catastrophic wildfires that affect Coloradans:

Why It Matters

Needless to say, Rep. Boebert is fully committed to her own stated goal of “support[ing] legislation that allows for more individual liberty, more freedom and less government intrusion into our daily lives” as well as “defend[ing[ the Constitution and protect[ing] our Republic.”

You can follow her work in Washington on Twitter and Facebook, and of course, follow FreedomWorks’ coverage of the excellent work of members like her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well.

We thank Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) for her dedicated work for liberty and for limited government. We are thrilled to honor her as our member of the month for July 2021 and look forward to watching her advocacy for real, conservative solutions as she represents CO-03.