FreedomWorks’ Member of the Month for September 2021: Rep. Kat Cammack

FreedomWorks is excited to honor Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) as our member of the month for September 2021. She represents Florida’s 3rd congressional district, encompassing a large part of northern Florida and the city of Gainesville.

The Big Picture

An energetic new voice for limited government, Rep. Kat Cammack is currently the youngest Republican woman serving in Congress and the Co-Vice Chair of the Congressional Women’s Caucus.

A third-generation sandblaster who grew up on a cattle ranch, Rep. Cammack’s family instilled in her the value of hard work. Now in Washington, she is taking those values into the halls of Congress to promote conservative principles and individual freedom. Rep. Cammack has already introduced great limited-government legislation such as the REINS Act and the Gigabit Opportunity Act.

The Details

Rep. Cammack stands tall as one of the most principled members in the House of Representatives, boasting a perfect score of 100% thus far on the FreedomWorks 2021 scorecard.

H.R. 3377, Gigabyte Opportunity Act

  • A member of the Rural Broadband Caucus, Rep. Cammack, introduced the Gigabit Opportunity Act, H.R. 3377, which seeks to establish opportunity zones in qualified low-income communities to develop broadband infrastructure. This creative legislation bridges the digital divide without increasing the size and scope of government.

H.R. 1776, the REINS Act

  • Our Constitutional system of government is based upon the separation of powers amongst three coequal branches where ostensibly the legislature writes laws, the judiciary interprets the law, and the executive executes the law. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of federal bureaucracy has resulted in creating an unelected fourth branch of government. The REINS Act, H.R. 1776 reasserts Congress’ Constitutional authority by requiring economically significant regulations to be approved through a joint resolution of Congress before they take effect.

Why it Matters

Voters in the 2020 election sent dozens of new conservatives to Washington to promote the pro-freedom and pro-growth agenda that Rep. Cammack embraces. More members should note the leadership that she is already showing during her short time on Capitol Hill.

You can follow Rep. Cammack’s work in Washington on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Of course, follow FreedomWorks’ coverage of the excellent work of members like Rep. Cammack on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

We thank Rep. Kat Cammack for her excellent work promoting freedom and are excited to honor her as our member of the month for September 2021. We look forward to watching as she continues to fight for individual liberty and serve the constituents of Florida’s 3rd congressional district.