FreedomWorks PAC endorses Malpass in New York Senate Race

FreedomWorks PAC has endorsed another Champion of Freedom, David Malpass, New York Senate GOP candidate and consistent fiscal conservative. Malpass, president of economic research and consulting firm Encima, has previously worked in the administrations of both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Malpass is a well-respected expert on federal budget policy and his work has been featured in numerous national publications including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Malpass on the endorsement:

“FreedomWorks represents hundreds of thousands of Americans that are deeply concerned with the direction of our country and want to elect new representatives that will put us back on track,” said Mr. Malpass. “New Yorkers cannot afford Kirsten Gillibrand. We need to replace Washington’s tax and spend political insiders with new leaders who will work to reduce spending, cut taxes and protect our freedoms. I’m honored that FreedomWorks has recognized my deep commitment to these principles and I’m proud to have their support in my campaign.”

Appointed to the Senate to fill Hillary Clinton’s vacancy, Gillibrand is seen by many as a doormat for the liberal agenda and a vulnerable seat this election year. 

“Senator Gillibrand has voted for every major spending bill that has come before Congress with no plan on how to pay for any of it. From the $800 billion stimulus package that did nothing to create jobs to the massive healthcare bill that will cost our state $1 billion in new taxes, New Yorkers simply cannot afford Senator Gillibrand,” said Malpass.

Before he can face big government advocate Gillibrand, Malpass must first top Joe DioGuardi and GOP party insider Bruce Blakeman in the New York Senate GOP primary set for September 14. Many concerned GOP members have already called on Blakeman to move aside in favor of Malpass.