Freudian Slip Means Boon for Brazil

Rising energy and gas prices are ravaging the wallets of American citizens and President Obama has taken bold, decisive steps in order to secure an abundant supply of oil in the United States for the foreseeable future.   This bold plan entails the outsourcing of American energy production to other countries such as Brazil.  Indeed, this new strategy represents the stale status quo that has been on autopilot for as long as Americans can remember.  What happened to change we can believe in?

The President invariably demands that the United States should be beholden to other countries when securing its oil and energy resources.  What else could account for his unforced error in discussing issues of economy and trade in Brazil?  The White House has maintained its de facto moratorium on the issuance of off-shore oil permits outside of the Gulf coast.  A recent study has confirmed that besides reducing homegrown production of oil, the White House’s ad hoc decree has killed at least 19,000 jobs.  No worries, Brazil will pick up the slack.

The Environmental Protection Agency has continued its rogue scheme to command and control every aspect of the economy through a back door cap and trade bonanza.  In order to ameliorate the potential effects of global warming or climate change, full discretion over the use of energy will be ripped out of the hands of ordinary Americans and replaced by the whims and nostrums of unelected bureaucrats at the EPA.  What could be a better recipe for economic success?

There have been vast amounts of legislation and regulations passed in a vain attempt to not only reduce energy prices, but to curtail the purported devastating effects of global warming.  The United States has subsidized and mandated the use of alternative energy sources to no avail, as solar and wind power languishes in a free market dominated by efficient uses of energy.  Bye, bye incandescent light bulb, in comes the CFL and the environmental hazard suit needed in case one of these bulbs burst.  Congress mandated the use of ethanol in gasoline as a way to curb carbon emissions and reduce the price of gasoline.  Neither has been accomplished and this mandate has caused inflationary pricing in the production of corn.

But hey, maybe a little EPA command and control autocracy in our economy, will finally right the ship.

Americans support a prudent and common sense approach to handling the environment, which maintains a level of environmental quality, while harnessing our natural resources.  But Americans unequivocally understand the pressing need to expand our energy exploration, reduce energy prices and eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.

Seemingly, the overarching problem is the lack of candor in our discussion over energy production from certain political leaders.  The inherent fallacy is that introducing new energy taxes, draconian regulations and limitations on our access to domestic energy resources, will somehow lead to greater energy independence. 

President Obama discarded these pretensions, when this Freudian slip about energy production was unleashed during his visit to Brazil.  If the leftist environmental command and control handbook is unleashed on the American economy, then the bridge to energy independence will be eviscerated and energy prices will “necessarily sky rocket”.  The big winners will be countries like Brazil.