Frontline is a False Start for Consumers and Taxpayers.

There is quite a political dust-up in Washington over a spectrum proposal in front of the Federal Communications Commission.  I’m sure the name was market-tested – Frontline – to generate political support.  The gist of the idea is to reserve valuable waterfront property, in this case a band of the 700 MHz spectrum – for a “public private partnership” that would ostensibly put new resources in the hands of first responders.  Everyone supports police, firemen and others on the “frontline” right?  Yes, but that doesn’t mean the Frontline proposal is good for consumers, taxpayers or even, first responders.

I am highly skeptical and have shared that view with folks at the Commission.
  In keeping with the nature of this blog, I won’t go on and on about the details of the “open access” proposals (read: wireless net neutrality) here.  Rather, check out this new paper by Bob Hahn, Hal Singer and Gerald Faulhaber.