Generational Theft: Dan Bongino Covers Grand Theft Economy

Imagine if you will, you’re just an everyday a socialist in training. You are trying your hardest to take over the what was once the greatest engine for job creation and innovation in the world- the US economy, by using government and overall federal coercion as your grand method. How would you hid this scheme to steal America? The greatest case of grand theft in all of history is occurring right before your eyes.

In his recent op-ed for Conservative Review, Dan Bongino explains how the federal government is continuing to use everything from entitlement reform blocks, bureaucratic regulation and red tape, and backroom deals to send the livelihood of the current generation and future Americans down a river with a sinking ship.

The first step in the economic takeover is to use taxpayer money, or taxpayer subsidies, to reward your crony friends through purchasing interests in PRIVATELY held businesses. How is this happening you ask? The European Central Bank recently followed Japan’s poor example and decided to expand its asset portfolio by purchasing corporate bonds. Take a moment to think about this. The European Central Bank is using its Euro-Zone monopoly power over money to buy stakes in non-government assets? How do they decide which businesses get to take part in this central bank largesse?

We’ve seen it over and over again folks; the government and the self anointed elite attempt to pick winners (whether it’s GM or Solyndra, and the other pile of failed companies and projects), but to the loss of the tax payer they usually picks the losers.

The second step, after you have used taxpayer money to buy off private businesses, is to ensure that you can tax the private economy at confiscatory rates and use the taxpayers’ money to buy off more businesses and more votes. Also, you must ensure that there are no exit ramps to avoid this taxation. How is this happening you ask? It’s happening through two mechanisms. The first mechanism is the move towards negative interest rates. Negative interest rates are predicated on the idea that charging consumers for idle money in their bank accounts will “stimulate” the economy by incentivizing them to spend it.

Not only will this hit hard-working families, but what about people in my age bracket? The millennial generation doesn’t have enough capital to put towards savings, so now the solution is to spend? All this does is keep younger people enslaved to the government credit card. Under the guise of stimulus, all this spending will really do is drive up the debt everyone has, not solving a single issue in the meantime but still kicking the can down the road. With all this in mind, do things get worse? Yah, things get way worse…

Once you’ve used taxpayer money to buy off companies, and run up enormous government debts with devalued currency, you have to make sure your citizens can’t escape with their money before the pending collapse. How is this happening you ask? It’s happening through a global “war on cash.” Through capital controls, and the influence of misguided economists, governments such as Sweden have been actively promoting electronic payments in lieu of cash.

So this big fictional plot to create slaves to debt isn’t so fictional, its happening now. The need for entitlement reform, tax reform, and our uncontrollable spending is now. The biggest question remaining is how much more damage has to be done until the this grand theft of our nation’s prosperity finally begins to hit millennials?